We represent a few international renowned brands of the highest standard and quality. Global Davit GMBH from Germany and GEPA Turkey rescue boat

Global Davit GmbH was established to meet the specific demands of life saving equipment and deck cranes for all kind of seagoing vessels as well as for the offshore (gas-,oil- and wind energy-) industries. For example, we produce Slewing Davit, Free Fall lifeboat Handling System, Pivoted Wave Compensated Davit and many other types.

Beside this Global Davit is ready to design and produce special "tailor" made systems to meet the special requirements for marine vessels. WE located in Bassum (near Bremen), Germany, with each member of staff having at least 10 years’ experience in the purchasing, production, quality control and service of davit systems and cranes within marine- and offshore industry.

All documents are computer generated, using the latest software of Windows, AutoCAD/Inventor and Finite Element stress calculation, which ensures maximum compatibility with our clients. Of course all designs / products have been checked, approved and certified by national authorities as well as international operating classification societies.

GEPA Turkey Rescue Boat produces Fast and Slow Rescue Boat and Half & Fully Enclosed life Boat. All boat is manufactured to international Standard with European quality assured. All our boat are type approval with IACS approved certificate.

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